3 Great Netflix horror movies you should watch Now

While horror is typically linked with Halloween, it shouldn’t be confined to one holiday. Some horror films, like Black Christmas on Christmas Eve or the It movies on the Fourth of July, offer unique holiday thrills. Thanks to Eli Roth, even Thanksgiving has its horror counterpart. Breaking the New Year’s Eve rom-com tradition, Digital-Hindi suggests three chilling Netflix horror movies to kick off 2024 with a scare.

Netflix Great Horror Movies

You want to see something really scary this February on Netflix.

Netflix’s horror films, a favorite among subscribers, are consistently topping the charts. The streaming giant’s original content machine continues to produce and acquire new spooky releases, just in time for Halloween or from film festivals.

Insidious: The Red Door (2023)

Ty Simpkins stands in a red doorway in Insidious: The Red Door.
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I’ve never been a huge fan of the Insidious franchise, so I was surprised by how much I liked the fifth and latest one, the underrated Insidious: The Red Door. The 2023 movie reunites the Lambert family from the first two films: father Josh, oldest son Dalton, and mother Renai. Josh and Renai have divorced since Insidious Chapter 2 and Dalton, now entering college, is estranged from his dad. But demons, both literal and metaphorical, awaken to bring them all together again, as the franchise’s iconic villain, the Lipstick-Face Demon, returns to once again claim Dalton’s body and his unique ability to astral project to an astral plane known as The Further.

Yes, it’s a bit silly, but Insidious: The Red Door is also very scary. The director, Patrick Wilson (who also stars as Josh), knows how to stage a scene and milk it for all of its horror, and there’s one sequence that has Josh stuck in an MRI machine that still gives me the creeps. It’s an ideal way to ring in the new year by watching people try to get over their past traumas by destroying some demons.

The Strangers (2008)

The Strangers Official Trailer #1 – Liv Tyler Movie (2008) HD

When it was first released in 2008, The Strangers wasn’t seen as anything more than just another horror movie. In the years since, the movie’s reputation has grown, and with good reason–it’s one of the most terrifying horror movies of the last 20 years. Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman star as a couple fighting for their lives against three masked attackers while at their vacation home.

Featuring three creepy antagonists, two great performances from Tyler and Speedman, and an ending that will haunt you for some time, The Strangers is effective because it knows that there’s nothing scarier than the unknown. Nothing is explained, and the violence is random and shocking. Since 2024 will see the release of three (!) new Strangers films, now’s a good time to check out or rewatch the original.

Lights Out (2016)

Teresa Palmer and Gabriel Bateman in Lights Out.
Warner Bros. Pictures

If you liked the 2023 movie The Boogeyman, you should check out Lights Out. This traditional horror movie is peppered with effective jump scares and a truly terrifying premise. The 2016 movie uses a hefty handful of genre tropes, but it uses them in a slick manner. Lights Out focuses on Rebecca, who used to be terrorized by an invisible entity when the lights went out at night when she was a young girl. Now an adult, her little brother Martin is experiencing the same unexplained events. Both siblings have to survive the invisible entity, which can only survive in total darkness.

It’s a simple setup, but it’s also an effective one, and Lights Out is a good horror movie that does its one job: to scare the heck out of you really well. It’s not the greatest movie ever made, but it beats watching a sickly sweet rom-com as the ball drops in Time Square on New Year’s Eve.

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