‘Ghosted’ movie review: Get out of this fever dream about Chris Evans and Ana de Armas

If you have never experienced being ghosted, you should see the movie “Ghosted” to understand what it’s like; in certain cases, getting over someone might be easier than putting up with this nonsense.

Ghosted Movie — Official Trailer

Have you ever experienced such mental fatigue that you find yourself envisioning a miniature version of you dancing on your head just to pass the time? In the third act of this Dexter Fletcher-directed film, Hollywood stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas dodge bullets and villains as they attempt to recover a biological weapon inside an upscale restaurant. Unfortunately, as we inhale the toxic pixie dust emanating from the artificial narrative, the film is plagued by predictability that numbs the mind.

Chat GPT could have woven a more captivating narrative than “Ghosted,” yet another painfully uninspiring action film adorned with opulence—featuring big stars, flashy cameos, stunning set pieces, and extravagant production values, enough to overwhelm and divert attention from its lack of originality.

Following her remarkable performance in “Blonde,” Ana de Armas takes on an easier paycheck to portray Sadie, a young, lonely woman reevaluating her career after a coworker’s tragic death. While shopping at a market, she encounters Cole Turner (played by Evans), a farmer nursing a recent heartbreak, who assists her in selecting a house plant that requires minimal love and attention.

Torn between a plant that can wither in days and a resilient cactus, Sadie opts for the former, sparking a mild conflict with Cole’s altruistic nature. The argument fades, revealing a subtle spark beneath the tension. Cole takes a chance, asking her out, and they embark on a lengthy date—an ordinary movie meet-cute unfolding with initial sweet small talk about their diverse interests (in this case, horror movies) and concluding with the disclosure of personal traumas and vulnerabilities.

However, the execution falls flat. The dialogues lack authenticity, and the chemistry between the two house plants at the stall might surpass that of Evans and Ana de Armas in these scenes.

Brief Intro Of Ghosted Movie

Ghosted (English)

Director: Dexter Fletcher

Cast: Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, Mike Moh

Runtime: 117 minutes

Storyline: A farmer goes to London to surprise his one-date old art curator crush, only to realise that she’s actually a CIA Agent on a dangerous mission

The date does show a kind of two-sidedness, the only real thing in the movie. Cole is traditional, loving, and a bit reckless. Sadie, who used to be distant, is starting to embrace human connections. She can sing rock karaoke in public, but he likes to be alone. Sadie wants a partner like a plant that can survive without water for months, while Cole is the opposite. The settings and colors are either green or grey.

When Sadie ignores his many annoying texts (yes, he’s been ghosted), this Romeo travels to London—don’t ask how he found her—only to discover she’s a CIA agent pretending to be an art curator (Guns and roses? War and peace? You catch on?). Now, the real problems start. Except for a scene with cameos from Evans’ Marvel buddies, even its tries at humor flop so badly that a 15-second clip of an old English cabbie picking up Cole from the airport seems like gold.

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