How to Watch NBA Basketball from Anywhere for Free

Watch NBA Basketball Free: Do you want to catch NBA games live from any location worldwide without spending money? To watch your favorite team without a subscription, you can make use of the free streaming service trials currently being offered. However, if you’re in search of a more long-term solution, a monthly streaming subscription is necessary. Our top recommendations for experiencing NBA games, whether through free trials or subscriptions, include Fubo TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. Read on to learn more about each streaming provider’s offerings and why they excel as top choices for live NBA game viewing.

The best way to watch NBA basketball

Watch NBA Basketball on FuboTV

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For the best online experience in watching NBA basketball, our top recommendation is FuboTV. Upon subscription, you get access to a wide range of cable TV channels, covering not just sports or NBA-specific content. Additionally, you can stream content on any compatible device, whether it’s your phone, tablet, or smart TV. The standout feature? FuboTV provides a free trial, allowing subscribers to indulge in unlimited streaming for an entire month. Yes, you read it right – a full month of complimentary TV streaming, including live sports like NBA basketball games.

Other ways to watch NBA basketball

Watch NBA Basketball on Sling TV

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Commencing at $15 per month, Sling TV’s NBA League Pass package offers access to every national NBA game, along with all out-of-market games, albeit with a few blackout restrictions. Additionally, this package provides 31 channels, including NBA TV and individual team channels.

For a more comprehensive live NBA game-watching solution, Sling Orange is available at $40 per month, with a discounted rate of $20 for the initial month for new subscribers. With Sling Orange, you unlock access to 31 live cable TV channels, featuring ESPN, TNT, TBS, CNN, HGTV, and more, expanding your entertainment options beyond NBA basketball to include other live sports. While there’s no Sling TV free trial, you can sign up for the free service, though it comes with limited content.

Watch NBA Basketball on Hulu with Live TV

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Hulu’s version of live streaming TV is aptly named Hulu with Live TV. While it is slightly different than the standard Hulu, and Hulu does have a free trial, the live service arm does not. The good news is that you can watch live sports, including NBA basketball games, on Hulu with Live TV, plus you get access to over 85 live cable channels including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, TNT, and beyond. The Hulu with Live TV plan is $70 per month, allowing up to two simultaneous streams at once, from any device. There is an unlimited screens option that you can add-on if you need to stream from more devices than that all at once.

Watch NBA Basketball on YouTube with Live TV

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YouTube TV, similar to other services, allows you to watch live cable channels online from anywhere. It provides access to channels broadcasting NBA basketball games, making it a platform for NBA live stream content. With a subscription, you get over 100 channels, including FOX, ESPN, CNN, TNT, and ABC. You can also add-on channels like the NBA League Pass to make sure blackout restrictions don’t cause you to miss any games.

YouTube TV starts at $65 per month, offering a wide range of channels, including NFL and NBA networks. It also provides unlimited DVR space for recording live broadcasts in case you can’t watch them in real-time. For new subscribers, the base plan is available at $55 for the first three months, a $10 discount. If you’re not ready to commit, YouTube TV also offers a free 5-day trial for those wanting to catch a specific game.

Watch NBA Basketball From Abroad with a VPN

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If you find yourself abroad, separated from your home country, accessing live NBA basketball online might pose challenges due to region-locked services like FuboTV, ESPN, and Sling TV, which rely on your current IP address. Your IP, typically tied to your internet connection’s location, may restrict you from catching your favorite team’s games. However, there’s a straightforward and complimentary solution for new subscribers.

Dish stands out as the premier choice for home-based basketball viewing, granting access to ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV. This ensures you can follow all the season’s matchups and even indulge in multi-view to watch up to four games simultaneously.

To overcome geographical restrictions and enjoy NBA basketball while abroad, a VPN (virtual private network) is essential. Our top recommendation for this purpose is NordVPN, which assigns you an IP in your chosen country, such as the United States, allowing you to conceal your current IP. The best part is that NordVPN provides a free trial for up to a month. With this access, not only do you enhance your online privacy and anonymity with the masked IP, but you also gain the capability to watch restricted services like FuboTV. This way, you can relish NBA live stream content from any corner of the world.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I watch the NBA for free?

To watch the NBA for free, you can make use of the free streaming trials offered from the likes of FuboTV or YouTube TV. Don’t be fooled by the offer of free games from the NBA CrunchTime app—that only includes game highlights.

Can I watch NBA League Pass for free?

The NBA League Pass is not free, as it costs $69.99 for the season if you purchase it as a standalone service. However, it does come with a free 7-day trial.

Is the NBA free on YouTube? 

NBA games aren’t broadcast for free on regular YouTube. However, if you sign up for YouTube TV, the company’s live TV service, you can catch games on any of its network channels or via a NBA League Pass add-on.

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